Stock Footage

Professional video & photos

Available in 4K, 2.7K or HD 1080. 

Cinematic Equipment - 4K, 6k

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Shine a Light Films worked from pre to post production in over 140 Walmart Commercials. Both English and Spanish Ads. A journey of over 2 and a half years on the road, all over the US.


  • Generic Stock Footage
  • Generic Stock with Specific Camera Package 
  • Costume Stock Footage- tailored specificly for your production

SAL Films had a private tour of the Mercedez GL and SL models with one of the biggest tennis stars in the world, Roger Federer. We had a blast filming and finalizing two great spots for the 5 star car brand, Mercedez-Benz. 

  • FAA Registered
  • All kinds of Drones- Altas, Inspire, Phantoms, and others 
  • Experienced Pilots & Camera Ops

Video & Film Production Services

 POST PRODUCTION HOUSE - Digital Content - Commercial Productions - stock footage 


Dom Pérignon

Mercedes-Benz - Roger Federer


Delightful work with one of the top Champagne brands, Don Perrignon. Beautiful images and great material. 


Communication in English, Spanish and Portuguese available.  

We are so humbled to have been involved with the National UDT Navy SEAL Museum. SAL Films has worked with the SEALs in several different projects throughout the years. 

Cinematic Camera Gear.

Full camera packages available with cine lenses.

-BM Ursa Mini -4k

-Sony FS7, & FS700

-Sony F55, & F5

-RED Cameras

​-Canon C300, & 5D

latest work

Post - Production

WALMART Commercials

  • FAA Registered
  • Most cameras available or bring your own 
  • All kinds of Drones- Altas, Inspire, Phantoms, and others 
  • Experienced Pilots & Camera Ops
  • Editing
  • Color Grading
  • Audio Mastering
  • Media Management (on location)
  • Close Caption/ Subtitling


  • Full Production Support
  • Producer / Local AP/ Fixer
  • Full Production Crew
  • Location Scouting
  • Permits / Location Mgmt.
  • Studios / Green Screen
  • Equipment Rental / Grip Truck