Cinematic Camera Gear.

Full camera packages available with cine lenses.

-BM Ursa Mini -4k

-Sony FS7, & FS700

-Sony F55, & F5

-RED Cameras

​-Canon C300, & 5D

We are so humbled to have been involved with the National UDT Navy SEAL Museum. SAL Films has worked with the SEALs in several different projects throughout the years. 

  • Full Production Support
  • Producer / Local AP/ Fixer
  • Full Production Crew
  • Location Scouting
  • Permits / Location Mgmt.
  • Studios / Green Screen
  • Equipment Rental / Grip Truck

WALMART Commercials

Professional video & photos

Available in 4K, 2.7K or HD 1080. 


Delightful work with one of the top Champagne brands, Don Perrignon. Beautiful images and great material. 

Shine a Light Films worked from pre to post production in over 140 Walmart Commercials. Both English and Spanish Ads. A journey of over 2 and a half years on the road, all over the US.



  • Generic Stock Footage
  • Generic Stock with Specific Camera Package 
  • Costume Stock Footage- tailored specificly for your production

Communication in English, Spanish and Portuguese available.  

SAL Films had a private tour of the Mercedez GL and SL models with one of the biggest tennis stars in the world, Roger Federer. We had a blast filming and finalizing two great spots for the 5 star car brand, Mercedez-Benz. 

  • Editing
  • Color Grading
  • Audio Mastering
  • Media Management (on location)
  • Close Caption/ Subtitling

latest work

  • FAA Registered
  • Most cameras available or bring your own 
  • All kinds of Drones- Altas, Inspire, Phantoms, and others 
  • Experienced Pilots & Camera Ops
  • FAA Registered
  • All kinds of Drones- Altas, Inspire, Phantoms, and others 
  • Experienced Pilots & Camera Ops

Video & Film Production Services

 POST PRODUCTION HOUSE - Digital Content - Commercial Productions - stock footage 


Stock Footage

Cinematic Equipment - 4K, 6k

Dom Pérignon

Mercedes-Benz - Roger Federer

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Post - Production